Steps to Decluttering Your Bathroom

Large Bathroom Vanity Units

Steps to Decluttering Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can quickly attract clutter from endless toiletries to the kids toys. No matter the clutter or the reason for it, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you declutter your bathroom.

Declutter Step 1.

Obvious maybe, but get rid of any items that you don’t use. We suggest separating your items into two piles, the first of items that you use on a daily basis eg: your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoos etc. The second of items that you don’t use or haven’t for a while eg lotions and potions, face washes, etc. This pile might also feature items you have multiples of. Then take the second pile and find them all a new home, out of view, or send them to charity. Women’s Aid is a great home for unused toiletries so perhaps consider that.

Declutter Step 2.

The best way to declutter your bathroom is to get appropriate storage and we might be biased but a vanity unit always does the job well. The first step to choosing your vanity unit is to take your vanity unit measurements. Once you know what size vanity unit you want, you can choose your preferred style, colour and handles. If you are considering a vanity unit read our blog ‘Things to consider when choosing your bathroom vanity unit’.

Declutter Step 3.

It is so easy to just throw all your clutter into a drawer or cupboard and hide it, but what happens when you need your favourite lipstick and you are riffling through the draw trying to find it. A tray organiser will stop you from ever having to rummage again. These are perfect to add that extra level of drawer organisation. For storage of your fluffy towels, a vanity unit with an open shelf allows you to roll them and place them on the bottom shelf, likewise adding a basket to the open shelf works well to store in your toilet rolls too.

Declutter Step 4.

How many products do you use in the shower? Do they clutter the floor of your shower? Installing a shower shelf will save space and keep all your products in one place that is easy to access.

By organising your bathroom you can transform the way in which you use it. With no more clutter, you can speed up your morning routine and enjoy a relaxing bath. Each of these tips will help you to keep clutter to a minimum, transforming your bathroom from a place of chaos to a place of relaxation. At Harvey George, we specialise in bathroom vanity units that will help you organise your clutter. You’ll find a wide range of storage solutions on our website that will help you to declutter your bathroom. View our full range of bespoke vanity units on our website.


Mix it up, change your mind – because you can!

A bathroom renovation can make a big difference to the feel of your home, and of course is often a sanctuary after a long hard day and an integral part of setting you up for the day each morning. It’s no wonder that along with the kitchen, this practical space often takes top priority when it comes time to a remodel.

The beauty of bathroom vanity units is they can be placed against a wall that is simply painted rather than tiled, and this makes it a really popular option as it is so much less expensive to paint walls rather than to tile them. Painting walls in a bathroom also means it is super easy to change the colour in the future too if you get bored.

Bathroom Vanity Units – in any size & any colour…

As manufacturers of Freestanding Vanity Units in any size and colour, Harvey George create bathroom cabinets which are a great way of introducing a statement colour into a bathroom, and can give you the size you need which makes the most of the space with designs to suit all tastes.

We’ve lifted the restrictions imposed by mass producers of bathroom furniture, focussing our talents on delivering pretty much whatever you want, in any colour and almost any size. Why not have it your way? After all, getting a bathroom design to work perfectly is a number one priority for our customers – and what they love is how we can help them realise a design how they want it, rather than buying predefined sizes, styles and colours that can often result in a design compromise.

Convenience – Built in!…

A vanity unit can easily cover over plumbing work, they work well with tiled, painted or panelled walls, they provide much needed convenient storage for all those nik-naks and more importantly they introduce luxury into what can sometimes be seen as a basic functional space.

At Harvey George, we are proud manufacturers of fine, British furniture, offering a whole spectrum of colour options, natural finishes, and both modern and contemporary designs. Inspiring ideas for your bathroom renovation extend beyond furniture with a fabulous range of premium quality bathroom accessories and taps too.

Create your stylish space now on our website. Or Visit our Pinterest page or Instagram to see how our previous customers have designed their bathrooms and vanity units, and get inspired.

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