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bespoke painted vanity unit

Painted Vanity Units by Harvey George


Choosing the right piece of bathroom furniture can determine not only how your bathroom looks from a design perspective, but also how practical it is, and if it will function well for you and your family. Considering the storage, space and aesthetics are all equally important. Adding colour creates a focal point, or injects some personality in to your space. Whether you choose a bright and bold colour, or a subtle or neutral shade – we have created a guide to help you choose the perfect painted vanity for your bathroom. 

Choosing the colour of your painted vanity unit

Once you have decided which style you like the best, and the storage options, the next choice to make is the colour. You may know this straight away but there are a few things to consider. Firstly you need to look at the colours in the bathroom, so the walls and tiles. Figuring out which colours work best together is important and will impact the overall look of the bathroom. A good way to see how different colours complement each other is by using a colour wheel. By taking your time and ensuring you get your colour scheme right you will ensure that you won’t have any regrets. If you are unsure about what colour to choose keep reading for some inspiration. 

Black Painted Vanities

Black furniture is a fantastic way to add drama and create a statement. Black bathroom furniture creates a high-end designer look. Combining black furniture with a pop of colour like pink or blue is sure to wow your guests. We love how this customer @love_this_old_house paired their black vanity unit with a sage green-painted wall, simply gorgeous!

black painted vanity unit

White or Neutral Painted Vanities

If you are looking for a colour that will never go out of style then look no further than white. Whether you opt for a brilliant white or something more subtle, white creates a contemporary look without a doubt. White bathroom furniture provides a neutral base meaning you can introduce splashes of colour easily with your bathroom accessories. 

white painted vanity unit

Bold Colours For Your Vanity

Painted furniture in bold and bright colours will inject fun into your bathroom. A bold colour will be striking, making the vanity unit the focal point of the room. And there is no rule when it comes to using colour. We love how our customer @follyandthegarden paired their bold vanity unit with patterned tiles to create drama. If you are wanting a more neutral feel, pair your painted vanity unit with a neutral wall as @the_curated_home_design did.

blue painted vanity unit
orange painted vanity unit

Perfect Pastel Vanity Shades

If bold colours aren’t your thing, but you still want a coloured-painted vanity unit then explore pastel shades.

Pastel colours are perfect for creating a country-styled or vintage bathroom. From pale greens to pinks, a pastel-coloured vanity unit will create a relaxed environment in which you can unwind. If you are using a pastel shade, we recommend keeping the rest of the bathroom light as dark colours like black often don’t complement as well. Consider tiles in a similar shade or natural wood and white accessories. 

These two vanity units were created for our customer @follyandthegarden – we just love their use of pastels.

pale pink painted vanity unit
yellow painted vanity unit

Here at Harvey George, we are the UK’s leading manufacturer of painted vanity units. We specialise in oak and painted vanity units and furniture made to your specification. When you order a bespoke vanity unit or piece of furniture, you are given the option to choose from one of our standard paint colours or specify a bespoke colour. If you know the brand and colour you can send us that, alternatively you can send us a swatch card and we can colour match. 


Ordering Paint Samples

We understand that purchasing bespoke painted furniture can be daunting. Nothing is worse than ordering your item and having it delivered in a colour you were not expecting. Here at Harvey George, we can paint your vanity unit in any colour! And we mean any colour! We have a collection of standard colours available and you can order paint samples allowing you to physically see how it will look in your bathroom. Order your paint samples here. But if you have a specific colour or shade in mind and want us to colour-match regardless of the brand we can match it! Our formula is superior to most in the market and will allow us to make your dream vanity unit.

For more information about our painted bathroom vanity units contact our team today. Alternatively, visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages for lots of inspiration. 

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