Choosing a Bathroom Vanity Paint Colour

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It's all about the colour.... isn't it?

If you’re starting a decorating project from scratch and considering a painted vanity unit for your bathroom, then there are several things you may wish to consider to make the space look well coordinated and to give you an enhanced use of the space.

Painted furniture can make a great statement, if your room is already decorated then of course this means you may wish to pick a colour of paint for your vanity unit that blends well – but equally many people go for a stand out colour, the possibilities are truly endless.

One of the first things to consider if you are adding a vanity unit to an already decorated room is colour and to decide if you’d prefer the furniture play a supporting role, or if you want it to stand out.

Choosing a paainted vanity unit for an existing color palette means that you’ll have to decide if the unit will be neutral, or if it will take on an accent role. Once you know, you can then decide your best way forward.

We work with lots of interior designers and some favor a Vanity Unit that matches the wall color to unify the room which can help make the room look larger. This is a creative approach for a harmonious color scheme. If you are buying bathroom furniture to match your wall color however, then changing the wall color in the future could become an issue.

The most common approach is to choose a Vanity Cabinet that complements the other decor in the room and is not the center of attention nor is camouflaged into the wall color. A neutral colour pallet for your bathroom furniture is really popular.

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What Do You Need to Consider Before Buying a Painted Vanity Unit?

Light or Dark Paint Colour

Once you decide if your vanity will be an accent or neutral color, you’ll need to decide if your finish will be light or dark. Other factors like natural light in the room, other lighting, floor colour and material can all have a big effect on choosing the right furniture colour.

If you’re considering a freestanding vanity unit which will sit on your floor, do you want it to contrast with the flooring, or do you want it to blend in? Since a vanity unit is often a large part of the bathroom, getting colour right is really important.

If you intend to hand a vanity unit on the wall instead, then do you want to incorporate cabinet lighting to add drama to the piece? Doing this can create a really beautiful look adding style but also practically.

Putting a dark Vanity Unit on a dark floor will make the furniture appear to disappear into the room. Perhaps that’s your intended look, and if so people often accentuate the piece with statement knobs, handles, tapware, sinks and stone countertops.

A light-colored Vanity Unit against a dark colour scheme in a bathroom can provide a really fabulous look drawing the attention to the piece of furniture.

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