The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Vanity Units

Guide to Bathroom Vanity Units

The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom vanity units are an amazing addition to any bathroom, but with so many options available it can be difficult to know where to start. Available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours, and features it’s important to know your options before you make a decision.

In this ultimate guide to choosing a bathroom vanity unit, we will explore what a vanity unit is, what types and styles are available and how you can customise it to your needs.


What is a Vanity Unit?

Whilst we refer to them as vanity units, you may also have heard them being referred to as bathroom cabinets, basin cabinets or under sink cabinets, and even bathroom cupboards with a sink. 🙂 So many names to describe them but they all perform the same function.

A vanity unit is a piece of bathroom furniture that commonly incorporates a countertop with sink/basin with cupboards or drawers underneath. Vanity units are used to store toiletries, spare toilet rolls, and other bathroom essentials, decluttering your space leaving it looking neat and tidy.

Despite being a practical piece of furniture, they can be made in a range of colours and sizes making them super stylish.

What types of Vanity Units are there to choose from?

Vanity Units usually fall into two camps, freestanding or wall-mounted/hung. 

Wall Hung Vanities – These units are fixed to the wall provides space between the floor and the unit making them especially sought after for small bathrooms. That said, you don’t need a small bathroom to have a wall hung vanity, we make them in a wide range of styles and sizes with endless options available.

Freestanding vanity units – These units are floor standing and not fixed, the perfect focal point in any bathroom.

What colours are available?

When it comes to colours, the choice is endless. Our vanity units are available in a wide range of gorgeous standard colours, from pretty to pink to sparkling silver. However, we can paint your vanity unit in ANY colour you like. You just tell us which colour you want, and we make it happen.

When choosing the colour of your new vanity unit, it all comes down to personal choice. If your bathroom has a clean and modern look then a white or grey vanity unit might be the ideal choice for you. If your bathroom is dark and stylish then a contemporary black vanity might be the colour for you.

What size bathroom vanity units are there?

In addition to the design of the vanity unit, we also offer compact/slim, single, double vanity units and tall bathroom units.

Double vanity units normally feature two sinks whilst single vanity unit features one. If you have a medium or large-sized bathroom you might consider a double vanity, it will give you lots of storage space and means you don’t have to share a sink with your other half, bonus!

How much do bathroom vanity units cost?

The price of your vanity unit very much depends on the unit you purchase. A double vanity unit with two basins and taps is going to cost more than a single vanity unit with only one sink. For more information on the price contact our team and discuss your bespoke vanity unit. Check out our Pinterest Page or Instagram for bathroom vanity inspiration.

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