Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Bathroom

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Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Bathroom

Here at Harvey George, we have amazing bathroom storage solutions in fabulous designs making choosing the right furniture for your bathroom an exciting experience. Selecting the best bathroom furniture will transform your bathroom making it a place of relaxation that you can enjoy and show off to your guests. Keep reading for our guide to choosing the right furniture for your bathroom. 

First, consider the size of your bathroom. The size and shape of your bathroom will impact and help you decide on the type of bathroom furniture. For example, where are the windows and door? You will want to be able to open these without banging them into your furniture. 

Secondly, what is the purpose of each piece of furniture? The purpose of the toilet may be obvious but think about what you will most often use and how much you want to display. Are you likely to ever use a bath if not maybe one isn’t right for your bathroom? Do you have lots of items that you wish to hide away? Then you may want to consider a Tall Boy Vanity Unit.  

Bathroom vanity units give a bathroom lots of storage space and so are a common choice when it comes to bathroom furniture. They are available in all different sizes, colours and styles making it easy to find one that is just right for your bathroom. If you need help designing a bespoke vanity unit for your bathroom contact our team. 

Top Tip:

Whether you like contemporary, traditional, or modern furniture, your bathroom should represent your personality.  Carefully consider whether you want to follow trends as your bathroom furniture will last you for many years to come but trends will change. 

If you are looking for some bathroom inspiration before making any decisions visit our Instagram and Pinterest pages. Or, if you’re looking for further help book an appointment at our Harrogate Bathroom Showroom where our experts in all things bathrooms can help you plan your dream bathroom. 

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Choosing the Right Furniture For Your Bathroom
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