Bathroom Vanity Unit Guide

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Bathroom Vanity Unit Guide

Bathroom Vanity Units are a popular choice when it comes to bathroom storage. They are not only practical but very stylish. Available in various styles, sizes and colours we understand it can be a little overwhelming when deciding which vanity unit is best for your bathroom and family. If you need advice on how to choose a vanity unit for your bathroom read this helpful blog.

The first question you need to ask is what are your storage requirements? The main purpose of a vanity unit is for storage so before choosing a new vanity it is worth assessing what you need to store. A large family may need a larger vanity to put an end to the fighting over the sink on those busy Monday mornings. You also need to consider the size of your bathroom. It’s important to measure and then double measure the space for the vanity unit, there’s nothing worse than designing and buying a vanity and it not fitting. You may want to have a clear-out, throw away or donate anything you don’t use so you can better utilise your new vanity unit and avoid clutter.

The second decision is style. Do you want a freestanding vanity unit that sits on the floor or a wall-hung vanity unit that floats on the wall? Both of these designs have advantages it’s just about choosing which is best for you. Wall-hung vanity units create the illusion of a bigger space and make the floor super easy to clean. Whereas freestanding vanities are much easier to install and offer greater design flexibility as they can be moved more easily. If you are short on space then there are some great choices available for slimline and compact vanity units to help you get more out of your space. 

Our bathroom vanity units are available in an endless array of colours from bright blue to classic white. If you have a neutral bathroom suite you may want to add a splash of colour with a bold vanity unit. If you want to add some warmth to your bathroom design then you might want to consider a wood unit like our oak reeded vanity units. Black and white vanity units are extremely popular as they work with any aesthetic. After you’ve chosen the size, style and colour it’s time to add the finishing touches. At Harvey George, we have lots of sinks and bathroom taps to choose from to complete your vanity unit. 

Once you’ve designed your vanity unit the next step is deciding on where to place it. If you are replacing an old vanity unit or sink then you may want to put your new vanity unit in the same place to save issues with plumbing. It’s also worth noting that you may want to pick a place that won’t interfere with the drawers and doors of the vanity as they open. You don’t want the unit doors to swing into the toilet whenever they open or even worse not be able to fully open due to being blocked. 

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