Bathroom Colour Inspiration

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? One of the most exciting parts of decorating your bathroom is choosing the colour scheme. However, it can be difficult, especially when there are so many colours to choose from. If you are looking for inspiration for your bathroom colour scheme, keep reading. This blog will cover the top trending bathroom colour schemes from classic white to brilliant black and everything in between. Whether you want to completely renovate your bathroom and inject a bold personality or add a new coat of paint, we have all the bathroom colour inspiration you need.


If you are looking for a classic bathroom style then you can't go wrong with white. A white bathroom might be a simple concept but it is a sophisticated and stylish look. Using white in your bathroom can create the illusion of more space, opening up your room making it the perfect colour for a small bathroom. If all white is too much then don’t worry because one of the many benefits of using white is that it complements so many other colours. Go bold and add a hint of pink or keep it neutral by adding a wood floor, the options are endless.


A grey bathroom is a fantastic on-trend choice. From soft grey to dark grey you can keep your bathroom neutral while creating a dramatic statement. Grey colour schemes are perfect for creating a modern and contemporary look. You could pair your grey bathroom with neutral accents for a classic look or add in a pop of colour. And since grey goes with every colour your options are endless 


Looking to create a dramatic statement? Then black might be the colour for you. Black can make your bathroom look luxurious and stylish. A statement black bathroom offers a moody and sophisticated look. Black pairs well with different textures such as wood tones or metallic tiles making it a versatile tile. If you have a small bathroom then decorating with black might make it look smaller. Instead, you could opt for black fittings such as taps or even a black bath.


From forest green to jade green there are so many wonderful shades to choose from. Whether you plan to include green in your bathroom through your wall tiles or large potted plans we can guarantee it will add character to your space. Though green may not be your first colour choice for your bathroom, green tones are trending when it comes to interior design. Using a  sage green bathroom colour scheme is extremely relaxing and peaceful while a mint green will bring a fun and energetic burst to your room. Green shades perfectly pair with earthy tones like brown or taupe but if you are after a sleek style then pair it with bright white accents and accessories. 


Thinking about including a pink colour scheme in your bathroom? Depending on the shade, pink can be playful and bright or elegant. Dusty pink is set to be on-trend this spring, it's light and classy and pairs beautifully with marble tiles. On the other hand, raspberry pink is fun and energetic. Pink doesn’t need to be the primary colour of your bathroom. We suggest using pink to accessorise by maybe including raspberry pink towels or even a pink vanity unit. 


Different shades of blue have different effects on your bathroom. Sky blue gives a relaxing spa-like feeling. It is a perfect match with white details such as wall tiles. For a more luxurious bathroom design, you can’t go wrong with navy blue. Navy blue adds depth and has a peaceful and serene effect. Bright sea blues are very calming and give a beach vibe that will leave you feeling like you are on holiday 365 days a year. Many modern bathroom designs utilise blue in various ways. You could try adding a blue vanity unit or a blue-tiled feature wall.

Split Colour Schemes 

Split colour schemes are an amazing design option especially if you have a small bathroom. One option is panelling, which is a trend you might have seen. Panelling will add texture and character to your bathroom while making it appear larger. When doing a split colour scheme it is important that the colours you choose complement each other. The colour wheel will help you to see which colours complement each other. Colours opposite each other eg: pink and green will create a contrasting look whilst colours next to each other eg red and orange will blend. 

It's important to remember that when you choose your bathroom colour scheme the only opinion that matters is yours. If you have any questions about your bathroom colour scheme visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages for bathroom inspiration or call us with your questions. 

Blue Ava with a chunky basin

Mix it up, change your mind - because you can!

A bathroom renovation can make a big difference to the feel of your home, and of course is often a sanctuary after a long hard day and an integral part of setting you up for the day each morning. It’s no wonder that along with the kitchen, this practical space often takes top priority when it comes time to a remodel.

The beauty of bathroom vanity units is they can be placed against a wall that is simply painted rather than tiled, and this makes it a really popular option as it is so much less expensive to paint walls rather than to tile them. Painting walls in a bathroom also means it is super easy to change the colour in the future too if you get bored.

Bathroom Vanity Units – in any size & any colour…

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Convenience – Built in!…

A vanity unit can easily cover over plumbing work, they work well with tiled, painted or panelled walls, they provide much needed convenient storage for all those nik-naks and more importantly they introduce luxury into what can sometimes be seen as a basic functional space.

At Harvey George, we are proud manufacturers of fine, British furniture, offering a whole spectrum of colour options, natural finishes, and both modern and contemporary designs. Inspiring ideas for your bathroom renovation extend beyond furniture with a fabulous range of premium quality bathroom accessories and taps too.

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