Countertop Basins: The Crowning Glory of Your Bathroom

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Countertop Basins: The Crowning Glory of Your Bathroom

Imagine walking into a bathroom that exudes elegance, sophistication, and style. What’s the first thing that catches your eye? For many, it’s the countertop basins. These not-so-little heroes of bathroom decor aren’t just functional – they’re transformative. Whether you’re planning a bathroom makeover or building from scratch, let’s explore why countertop basins should be on your wish list.

What Are Countertop Basins?

Countertop basins, also known as vessel basins, sit atop a counter or vanity unit, rather than being inset or undermounted. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, from chic oval designs to minimalist rectangular shapes, and from ceramic to stone resin.

Why Choose Countertop Basins?

So, why should countertop basins be on your radar when designing your bathroom? Here are a few compelling reasons:

Statement Piece

Countertop basins are much more than just functional fixtures; they’re statement pieces. Their prominent placement and striking designs make them a focal point in the bathroom, attracting attention and admiration.


The beauty of countertop basins lies in their versatility. They can complement various bathroom styles, from minimalist modern to classic traditional. Plus, with a range of materials and finishes available, you can find a basin that matches your bathroom decor perfectly.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Countertop basins are generally easier to install than their inset counterparts. Maintenance is also more straightforward, as there’s no awkward edge where the basin meets the counter to trap dirt and grime.

Choosing the Right Countertop Basin for Your Bathroom

Choosing the perfect countertop basin can seem overwhelming, given the variety of options available. Here are a few tips to guide you in your selection process:

Consider Your Bathroom Style

Do you lean towards modern design or do you prefer a traditional look? Your bathroom style will guide your choice of countertop basin. For a sleek, modern bathroom, consider a basin with clean lines and a minimalist design. If your style is more traditional, opt for a basin with more ornate details or a classic shape.

Take Into Account the Size of Your Bathroom

Size matters when it comes to choosing a countertop basin. A large, imposing basin can overwhelm a small bathroom, while a petite basin might look lost in a large bathroom. Choose a basin that’s proportionate to the size of your bathroom for a balanced look.

Think About the Height of Your Vanity Unit

The height of your vanity unit also plays a role in your basin choice. Countertop basins sit on top of the vanity, so you’ll want to ensure the overall height is comfortable for users. This is particularly important in family bathrooms used by children or tall adults.

Installing Your Countertop Basin

Once you’ve chosen the perfect countertop basin, it’s time for installation. Here are a few tips:

Get Professional Help

While it’s possible to install a countertop basin yourself, if you’re not confident in your DIY skills, it’s best to hire a professional. Incorrect installation can lead to leaks or damage to your basin and vanity unit.

Ensure Adequate Clearance

Make sure there’s enough clearance around the basin for practical use. This includes space for faucets and sufficient room behind the basin for cleaning and maintenance.

Choose the Right Tap

Don’t forget about the tap! The tap needs to be in proportion with the basin and high enough to clear the side of the basin, but not so high that it causes splashing. Wall-mounted or tall mixer taps often pair well with countertop basins.

Maintaining Your Countertop Basin

Now that your countertop basin is installed and looking fabulous, how do you keep it that way? Here are some maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning can keep your countertop basin looking its best. Use a non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching the surface and rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners that can damage the basin’s finish.

Be Careful with Heavy Objects

Be mindful of heavy objects like bottles or jars around your basin. Dropping something heavy can chip or crack the basin.

Deal with Stains Immediately

If you notice a stain on your basin, deal with it as soon as possible to prevent it from setting. Most stains can be removed with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth.


There you have it – a complete guide to choosing and caring for countertop basins. These beautiful fixtures can truly transform your bathroom, creating a focal point that’s as functional as it is stylish. So why wait? Explore our range of stunning countertop basins at Harvey George and elevate your bathroom design to the next level!

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