The Art of Customisation: How Harvey George Tailors Your Dream Bathroom.

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The Art of Customisation: How Harvey George Tailors Your Dream Bathroom

Customisation is the essence of elevating an ordinary project into an extraordinary one. When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, the difference between a standard off-the-shelf design and a bespoke customised space can be huge. Harvey George, a household name in the world of luxurious bespoke bathrooms are manufacturers of Bespoke Vanity Units in any size and colour and know how to create that perfect space, offering a myriad of design possibilities tailored just for you. In this blog, we will present an in-depth look at the process of bathroom furniture customisation offered by Harvey George, showcasing a dedicated approach in creating your dream bathroom.


Initial Consultation: Envisioning Your Dream Space

Many people use their website when planning a bathroom space as it boasts a whole range of stunning made to order products but the journey towards your dream bathroom can also begin with an initial consultation with Harvey George’s experienced design team. Wether you visit for a consultation, or as many people do nowadays, you speak over the phone, email, chat or video call – in this crucial stage, the team will discuss your style preferences, spatial requirements, and unique needs, allowing them to develop a comprehensive understanding of your vision. Whether you have clippings from magazines, a Pinterest board, or ideas etched in your mind – Harvey George’s team will take every detail into account and work their magic to make your dream bathroom a reality.


Design Collaboration: From Ideas to Reality

Following the initial consultation, if things are fairly straight forward then they can provide a detailed quotation for the products that suit the brief, however, if you prefer, an expert designer can also help draw up a bespoke design plan, reflecting your vision and incorporating those functional requirements to create an elegant, practical space. You’ll be involved in the process every step of the way, ensuring that your ideas and priorities are never lost from sight. This collaborative approach guarantees satisfaction, with Harvey George working tirelessly to design a bathroom tailored specifically to your tastes and needs.


A World of Choices: Finding Your Unique Style

Harvey George has an extensive range of materials, finishes, and fixtures, allowing you to customise every aspect of your bathroom. From traditional designs with charm and character to modern minimalistic marvels – the options are truly endless when it comes to personalising your space. You can mix and match textures and patterns, select that perfect tap or showerhead, and even choose the exact shade of paint down to the very last detail. By building your bespoke bathroom with Harvey George, you create a space that represents your individuality and complements your home’s overall aesthetic.


bathroom design mood board

Skilled Craftsmanship: Bespoke Furniture and Cabinetry

One of the hallmarks of a Harvey George bathroom is the high-quality, made-to-measure bathroom furniture and cabinetry. This level of attention to detail stands out in elegantly designed vanity units, storage solutions, and custom bathroom furnishings. Every aspect is crafted to perfection, ensuring that the functional needs of your bathroom merge seamlessly with the desired design and style. The result is a cohesive, luxurious space that feels like it was always meant to be.

Professional Installation: A Seamless Finish

The final step in the customisation journey for any bathroom project is the installation, where your bespoke bathroom design comes to life. Harvey George are a supply only business and provide exceptional products to installers up and down the country. Often you would have a contractor carrying out the work, unless of course you are an avid DIY’er, whichever route you take, you can rest assured that Harvey George’s furniture is super easy to install.

Final Remarks

The journey towards your dream bathroom can be both exciting and overwhelming, but with Harvey George’s expert guidance, the experience becomes a satisfying, memorable one. Our customisation process, high-quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship lead you to witness the transformation of your unique vision into reality – a beautiful bathroom that stands the test of time and is uniquely yours.

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