Customise Your Bathroom With Colour 

 Customise Your Bathroom With Colour 

Customise Your Bathroom With Colour 

2022 bathroom trends suggest that as a nation Brits are adopting colour into their bathrooms. Before you panic, avocado green isn’t rearing its head again but instead bold statement colours with the demand seeming to be on coloured basins, baths and bathroom vanity units. 

Popular colour trends this year include green tones that are perfect for achieving the botanical look or striking dark shades that will make a statement. From sunshine yellow to royal purple to calming blue at Harvey George, we can help design the colourful bathroom of your dreams.

At Harvey George, we love a splash of colour and we understand that our customers all have different favourite colours which is why we offer complete colour customisation on all our vanity units. No matter the size or style of your bathroom vanity unit you can choose from our popular colours or specify a specific brand name and colour/reference. You are also welcome to send us a paint sample or swatch to ensure your colour match. 

It’s not just vanity units that you can customise, we have recently partnered with Victoria + Albert in our Harrogate Bathroom Showroom and their collection of coloured sinks and baths is outstanding. Victoria + Albert’s colour service allows you to customise the exterior of your chosen freestanding bath and/or basin allowing you to coordinate them with your bathroom. You can choose from a spectrum of 199 colours, with either a gloss or matt finish. Like Harvey George, Victoria + Albert use the RAL colour system, meaning that colours are easily matched.

Contact us today to book an appointment at our showroom and discuss your bathroom needs. If you are looking for inspiration for your bathroom visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages to see how previous customers have used colour in their bathrooms. 

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