Guide to Buying a Counter-top Basin

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Guide to Buying a Counter-top Basin

What is a Countertop Basin?

countertop basin is also known as a sit-on sink and is a sophisticated sink design that sits on top of a vanity unit. Rather than the sink and plumbing being connected to the wall it goes underneath into the vanity unit and is therefore concealed giving a seamless look to your bathroom. In this blog, we are going to look at the different styles of sit-on sinks, and the benefits of sit-on sinks.

A countertop sink is practical as well as beautiful as it reduces the amount of water that splashes out due to its height. Our countertop sinks are perfect for any style of vanity unit so you can opt for a double vanity unit, a single vanity unit or a wall-hung vanity unit in any size.

The Different Styles of Countertop Basin

Rectangular Countertop Basins

A rectangular sit-on sink complements the majority of bathroom furniture to perfection. The minimalist design is super simple and yet utterly perfect. You can rely on this bathroom sink to add not only style but practicality to your bathroom. Available in different sizes a rectangular basin will complement both contemporary and traditional bathroom decor and will add elegance to your vanity unit. Check out our Evon STONE RESIN Rectangle Counter Top Sink.

Square Countertop Basins

The square sit-on sink is a totally on-trend design and the timeless shape perfectly complements bathrooms and vanity units of any size. The symmetrical shape brings a classical and minimal look to the bathroom making it a great choice for a modern bathroom. Check out The Ellie STONE RESIN Square Counter Top Sink. It is a beautiful sit-on sink that will make a fabulous centrepiece. 

Round/Oval Countertop Basins

The curved design of a round or oval sit-on sink is simple and gentle, creating a unique feature in your bathroom. Available in various sizes and depths round countertop basins are super stylish and very modern. Check out our The Esma STONE RESIN Round Counter Top Sink and our The Eleta STONE RESIN Oval Counter Top Sink.

The Benefits of Countertop Sinks?

Countertop sinks have more depth and higher sides than undercounter sinks and this extra height can reduce the amount of water that spills over resulting in less cleaning. You also get extra storage space with a sit-on sink as they are installed at a height meaning there is more countertop room for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. There is also more room inside the vanity unit. 

A countertop basin is so versatile when it comes to matching your decor. It completes the contemporary minimal bathroom providing a fresh feel whilst being perfectly suited to a more traditional styled bathroom too.

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