Top tips for styling your bathroom vanity unit

bathroom vanity unit

Top Tips for Styling Your Bathroom Vanity Unit

Do you ever just look at your bathroom and think it looks so uninspiring? Vanity units can often get unorganised and cluttered making it difficult to find your bathroom essentials and making it look messy. When it comes to styling your bathroom a little goes a long way so you don’t need to worry about spending lots of money or completing a full renovation. Here are our top tips for styling your bathroom vanity unit.

Bathroom Accessories

Your vanity unit should be a place where you can display both your bathroom accessories. Instead of having numerous plastic bottles scattered across your vanity, you can make your shampoo bottles more stylish by collecting or purchasing attractive jars, matching bottles or trinket trays to keep your bathroom essentials in. This way your bathroom vanity unit will look less cluttered and more modern. Ditch the dirty makeup bag for a makeup tray and dress up your makeup brushes by putting them in a holder rather than scattered across the vanity. Adding a candle will also do the trick, giving your bathroom that spa-like feel. Make sure to choose one that has a scent you love. Don’t forget to think about how you organise your containers and bottles on the countertop. Putting smaller containers at the front creates an interesting design whilst being useful.

bespoke bathroom storage

Bath Tray

If you have multiple items that you want on show but they won’t all fit on your vanity unit then a bath tray is the ideal product. A bath tray is a simple and relatively cheap product that will significantly impact your bathroom styling. The items you place on your tray can be totally personal and can house any overflow products from your vanity unit that you want to display such as bath salts or your favourite soap. To make your bathroom even more stylish match the colour or material of your bath tray to your bathroom vanity unit.

bespoke freestanding vanity unit


Do you have a favourite plant? Show it off. Incorporating natural elements such as coral, plants or flowers gives an elegant and stylish finish to your vanity unit. Whether it’s a small cactus on the countertop, a hanging plant or a large showstopper you can never go wrong. Not only will they look stylish, but they also give your bathroom some colour and leave it smelling lovely.

white double vanity unit


Another bathroom styling idea that will transform your bathroom vanity unit is adding mirrors. In addition to being useful when applying makeup and shaving, mirrors have an aesthetic impact on a bathroom. Think about the shape of the mirror, whether you want multiple mirrors and the framing. If you have a small bathroom you might want to consider a large mirror as it will reflect lots of light making your bathroom appear larger.

bathroom mirrors


Lighting plays an important part in styling your vanity unit. Think about wall lighting that will sit above your vanity unit and create the illusion of more space as it will reduce shadows. Consider pendant lights to add style and flair to your bathroom but be careful not to have them hang too low, you don’t want to hit your head. Alternatively, LED lighting can be used in drawers, on walls or on ceilings, and is available in all shapes and sizes. LED lights allow you to change the colour or dim the light, meaning you can create an ambience and atmosphere in your bathroom.

grey vanity unit

Styling your bathroom vanity unit will elevate your bathroom design whilst making it look expensive. Just a few display pieces and your vanity unit will not only look amazing but will become much more functional. Visit our Pinterest and Instagram pages for more bathroom styling ideas. Alternatively, if you are looking to purchase a bathroom vanity unit contact us today.

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