2022 Bathroom Trends  

2022 Bathroom Trends

2022 Bathroom Trends

The days of boring magnolia bathrooms are long gone. In your home, the bathroom receives a lot of foot traffic, from trips to the toilet to daily teeth brushing and consequently, this is why your bathroom design is important. Designing a new bathroom in the near future? If you are in the early stages of your bathroom project and looking for bathroom ideas and inspiration, we have written this helpful guide, providing you with all the bathroom inspiration you need this year to make your bathroom stylish and convenient for everyday living. Let us explore some bathroom trends in 2022.

Metallic Bathrooms

The metallic bathroom look is on trend this year and worth considering if you a planning a bathroom renovation. A metallic hue presents a sophisticated look, giving your bathroom a touch of glamour. Whether it’s a brushed brass tap or an antique gold shower, with these stylish accessories, your bathroom will look classy and luxurious. One of the many benefits of using metal is that it reflects light, making your bathroom appear larger. Additionally, there is no aesthetic that the metallic look doesn’t complement making it the perfect choice. If you are thinking of ways to use a metallic tone in your bathroom consider a vanity unit with gold accessories. One of our customer’s favourite combinations is a navy blue vanity unit with gold handles and taps.

His and Her Sinks

A double sink vanity unit is a must-have in a family bathroom. Imagine the scene, you are running late and both you and your partner still have to brush your teeth. Who goes first? A double sink vanity unit saves time for couples and families with busy lives and means you never blame your other half for hogging the mirror, not to mention the extra storage space it provides. If you are thinking of installing a double sink vanity unit contact us today and start planning your bespoke bathroom vanity unit.

Soft Shades & Pastels

Soft shades of green are completely on-trend and here to stay. From sage green tiles to botanical wallpaper. The colour green evokes a sense of peace and harmony making it perfect for bathroom designs. In addition to green, gentle shades of blue, off-whites and neutral tones seem to be taking the spotlight this year.

Use of Plants 

Plants are a must-have in bathrooms in 2022. Green is a fantastic way to create a fresh and vibrant feel to your bathroom without being overpowering and can encourage positive wellbeing. Bring your bathroom closer to nature and introduce pops of colour!


When it comes to life in 2022 sustainability is the topic of many conversions, including home decor. People are more aware than ever of how much they are wasting and what’s best for the environment, resulting in the use of eco-friendly materials and up-cycling. Materials such as recycled glass, metal and porcelain are all sustainable and will give your bathroom a unique and stylish look while protecting the environment.

Walk-in showers

If you are looking for ways to elevate your bathroom, a walk-in shower or wetroom design is the trend for you. Often seen in expensive hotels a walk-in shower adds the wow factor and also creates more of an open feel to a bathroom. Not only do they scream trendy, but they provide functionality and ease when it comes to showering, gone are the days of cramming into a small shower cubicle.

Patterned Tiles

When it comes to bathroom tiles, bold patterns and bright colours are still making a stand. This might seem contradictory considering that many people are opting for neutral colours but the trend of colourful bathrooms that started in 2021 is still going strong. Whether you opt for hexagon tiles or a patterned metro tile, you can be sure vivid and bold colours and patterns will add tons of personality and character to your bathroom.

A pop of colour

Coloured bathroom furniture was a trend that appeared in 2021 and looks like it is here to stay. Whether you opt for a bold or a soft shade, colour can inject character into a bathroom, turning it into a space you can enjoy. At Harvey George, we custom make all our bathroom vanity units in a colour of your choice, meaning it will perfectly match your bathroom design in ANY colour you choose!

When it comes to bathroom trends, things are constantly changing so our recommendation is to choose something you love whether or not it’s trending. View our full range of bespoke vanity units on our website or for more bathroom inspiration visit our Instagram and Pinterest pages.


Mix it up, change your mind – because you can!

A bathroom renovation can make a big difference to the feel of your home, and of course is often a sanctuary after a long hard day and an integral part of setting you up for the day each morning. It’s no wonder that along with the kitchen, this practical space often takes top priority when it comes time to a remodel.

The beauty of bathroom vanity units is they can be placed against a wall that is simply painted rather than tiled, and this makes it a really popular option as it is so much less expensive to paint walls rather than to tile them. Painting walls in a bathroom also means it is super easy to change the colour in the future too if you get bored.

Bathroom Vanity Units – in any size & any colour…

As manufacturers of Freestanding Vanity Units in any size and colour, Harvey George create bathroom cabinets which are a great way of introducing a statement colour into a bathroom, and can give you the size you need which makes the most of the space with designs to suit all tastes.

We’ve lifted the restrictions imposed by mass producers of bathroom furniture, focussing our talents on delivering pretty much whatever you want, in any colour and almost any size. Why not have it your way? After all, getting a bathroom design to work perfectly is a number one priority for our customers – and what they love is how we can help them realise a design how they want it, rather than buying predefined sizes, styles and colours that can often result in a design compromise.

Convenience – Built in!…

A vanity unit can easily cover over plumbing work, they work well with tiled, painted or panelled walls, they provide much needed convenient storage for all those nik-naks and more importantly they introduce luxury into what can sometimes be seen as a basic functional space.

At Harvey George, we are proud manufacturers of fine, British furniture, offering a whole spectrum of colour options, natural finishes, and both modern and contemporary designs. Inspiring ideas for your bathroom renovation extend beyond furniture with a fabulous range of premium quality bathroom accessories and taps too.

Create your stylish space now on our website. Or Visit our Pinterest page or Instagram to see how our previous customers have designed their bathrooms and vanity units, and get inspired.

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